Certainly, judicial auctions are not listed as an innovation of the 21st century, they have existed for a long time. What is more true is that, until it was modernized by means of the Internet, it was nothing more than a cluster of papers on a glazed cork at the courthouse door, locked … I am pleased to write these words to announce that, today, we have optimal clarity, sharpness and regulation with regard to judicial auctions, incredible for anyone of the last century. Therefore I am preparing to express my humble opinion of the openness (in a matter of sharpness, essentially) of this investmentRead More →

The global economic crisis has pushed countries with trade deficits (see Spain) to promote a growing business internationalization, an act that has meant a significant investment for this facet and therefore a change of mentality in our concept of sales, customers and logistics. Globalism has driven companies to cross borders in search of customers and previously unknown demands to adapt, evolve and reinvent what they were and had learned to date and has undoubtedly influenced prices which in turn has coerced wages and the latter have conditioned the purchasing power of the client.   Globalization forces us to move, it demands dynamism or else weRead More →

Inheritance Tax is one of the oldest taxes in our history, since it was at the time of the Roman Empire when it was established with the intention of helping to pay the cost of the military strife that was taking place at it’s borders. Such tax was a whopping figure of 1% on the hereditary wealth of the deceased. This article is aimed at finding the «Achilles Heel» and why its existence means «The Sword of Damocles» for the average saver, in Andalusia …   Inheritance Tax is a state tax assigned to the autonomous communities (among other taxes) with the sense of nourishingRead More →

I´ll apologize in advantage if I avoid talking about the issue that concerns us for a few lines in order to introduce it through the following imaginative prologue and with no intention of offending.   The «boom» of construction is a bittersweet memory of the past decade that has made us both yearn and curse at the same time. While the financial institutions were accommodated by the support of the State and European financing, loans, credits and a quantity of financial products were granted so diverse that they would make Adam Smith rise from his grave and repeat to us his Theory about the MoralRead More →